One Blog please, with a side of facebook hold the twitter

I deleted World Wide Woman....*sigh* although it may be a true title to me I can barely handle one blog how was I planning on keeping 2?


What's the deal with Twitter? I thought blogging was for giving your random thoughts.
I haven't joined but from what I observe it looks like a site strictly for facebook statuses and stalking opportunities.

Don't be quick to call me a hypocrite..these are just first impressions. I haven't joined twitter yet. Maybe it's something you have to get into and I just haven't caught the bird flu.

Facebook has become more and more complicated, or maybe I'm just simple.

People want me to post more pictures from my trip, but I can barely upload an album.
I'm not gonna bear all on this blog.
But here's the basic's

Yeah, looks pretty colorful. Its an amazing place despite what people think.

Just make sure you take your basic's to survive & try something new.

I did.

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