Spread love its the Brooklyn Way

Well the weather yesterday was too perfect for me not to get excited and dressed up.
My First Style post.

Top: Delia's
Skirt: Khaisilk (Vietnam)
Sweater: Banana Republic Vintage find (bonus points for finding it in my house)
Belt : Cant remember ;]
Bangles: Market (Vietnam)
Shoes: American Eagle (or so the inside says)

My friends and I decided nothing beats basking in the sun in Fort Greene Park.
I figured I might as well try out some photography right?

This day was a much needed stress reliever. It wasn't exciting per say it was more relaxing. I had some great laughs. And what better way to end a day than with amazing memories and Mickey D's. ;]

Well I hope you enjoyed your weather cause it was wonderful day
& remember spread love its the
Brooklyn way <333(BTW Credit for the last photo goes out to my twiin Jam)

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