Bonafide hustler making my name..

I must admit the best thing about living in New York is that you can hop on a train to the city and go shopping, fabric shopping. =]

But before I blabber:

Sweater : Forever 21
Top: Strawberry's
Jeans: H&M

Today my mom and I went to the fashion district to do some fabric shopping.

On trips to the city we usually don't bother going into subway shops because they're tourist traps, but today my mom wanted to give it a go. So we walk in and low and behold...the most intricate bag I've ever seen.....

I begged my mom, and she bought it.[Kudos to her ! ]

From that moment on the journey became one of the most memorable trips ever. My mom and I are so alike. We LOVE patterns and fabric and we both get some sort of natural high when we walk into a fabric store (and trust hun, in the fabric district there is one every 3 steps you take).

It took a lot for me not to fall down while shopping from being in awe of all the most beautiful prints I've ever seen. I love to run my hands through silk rolls , sort through all sorts of neat buttons, testing zippers, and feeling different trims.

Man that's what I love about designing clothes, you get to love a garment down to its every last detail and not been seen as weird because its your own creation. Here's some samples I picked up yesterday:

(Those are heart buttons)(Scissors button's =] my fav ! )

The reason we went is because we wanted unique dresses for my cousins wedding in Cali next week. My challenge from my mom (after we choose fabrics) was to design a dress to wear to my wedding. Here are the fabrics:

This morning I took to the challenge and I got a little stuck. It didn't take to long because after a while my creative juices started flowing.
(Sorry you cant enjoy the drawing fully, I just don't want people stealing my stuff you'll get a better view once it's sewn. =] )

My mom hasn't seen it yet but I know that she's going to be shocked. She's sewing a dress as well, this should be lots of fun. Ohhh I can't wait to get to sewing, wish me luck!

& btw non New Yorkers be careful in buying brand name in the city, you don't want to end up wearing this.....
(it reads- Ghanel....-_-)

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