I may do it myself I'm so Brooklyn

Hey Bloggers,
Graduation was tonight and it was good to see all my schools greatest hit's in one room. Although some more aware of their surroundings that others, they all still brought a subtle yet loving smile to my face. Hats off to the grads of 09', give respect where its due. I guess its hard being a senior and with a snot nose junior class giving it to you..that shouldn't help. But all is well that ends well.

Today's Outfit:

Sweater: some store on 34th Street
Dress: It was a gift
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

A lot of people told me I looked like Michelle Obama which is great cause I love that woman! I would elaborate but I'm tired & don't feel like typing much. But besides my head longing to caress my pillow

Here are some candid's from last night:

Some Advice:
Remember to shoot for the moon so if you fall you can land on a star.


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