I like that Boom Boom Pow !

Hola Bloggers !
I've been in Spain for about 2 going on 3 weeks now.
Last 2 weeks in Madrid, now in Barcelona.
Sorry about the gap in post, but what can I say these days know how to drain me.
To make up for all that here's a fun post:

Dress: Pimkie [Store in Madrid]
Belt: New York & Company
Sneakers: Merona [Target]

Ok I must admit I am ubber jealous of girls who live here! They have some amazing stores and their style is so edgy and nonchalant. I'm definitely taking notes for September. Also how sweet is it that I found a house that matched my outfit today!

So to commemorate the moment the main pic was shot there and I got my new friend Addie to join in the fun. (although she may be wondering while reading this why her head is cut off...we'll mine is too Lol its the gist of things)

To my twiin Jamara and other cheetah girl fans [if not a fan just scroll over the
next 2 pics).
Behold, this bench is the bench where they sang part of Strut.

Heh, sorry had a moment but anyways back to my day here in Spain.
We hung out around the college campus for a while and that was cool.

Then no suggestions or questions asked I conducted a photo shoot with Martha (Right) & Brooke (Left).

Welp that pretty much sums up my day! I'll be back in a day or two, with some awesome Street Fashions, a good outfit & you'll get to meet more of Martha who's basically helping me fashion scope.

Buenos Noches.
Or how ever you say that in Catalan.
Idk I'm super tired now.
I just wanna say.......Good Night.

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