Good Morning Mr.West

First day of school today. Of course at a "friends" school we're not that formal as in Mr. and Mrs. but I took it up a notch. Peep the presidential attire.

Blazer: Charolette Russe
Top: Aeropostale
Jeans: Dr.Jay's (it was a last minute thing I don't usually shop there ;] )

Well if your a fashion lover you know that its Fashions Night Out and my last "night out" although I disappeared relatively early to come home and do homework before anything started. It's my last night because I need to focus on my work and presidency, but oh honey don't think for once that this blog will get boring.

ANY WHO Fashions Night Out is one huge success still going on as I blog. Every store was packed with d.j's, cocktails, fashiony people, beautiful people and beautiful models.

First stop on the itinerary was the Billionaire Boys Club to meet Pharrell, but the line was something else. I was on my own time schedule so I only got to photo our "chilling" but so far so good. This year's promising . :)

Yeah it was pretty cool, then I left cause it was getting late and I needed to get a head start on h.w. But this doesn't mean that it was over. Fashions Night Out was amazing and I'm glad I got a small glimpse of it. Kudo's if you made the whole night !!!

The fashion and exclusive things don't stop here though. Monday is a movie premier I believe...

Stay tuned, its just starting to get good. :)


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