A G.I for his cutie pie... is not. Cause it's too, too, too darn hot!

3 cheers to the MET for making my summer 10x better than I could have imagined.

From the time I read about it coming up in the March issue of Vogue I KNEW I had to go. The American Woman exhibit is amazing and even more. It takes you through 5 decades that "fashion the American woman".

You start off elegantly with The Heiress, glide pass the out going Gibson Girl, slip into a cool formless Bohemian, take a stand for women rights with the Patriots and Suffragist, shimmy through sparkles and spunk with Flappers, and get lost in the glamor and smooth silhouettes of Screen Siren (my favorite one!).

I would take the train to the MET and see it everyday if I could.

Here it is for those of you who would like to see the entire thing.

But trust me, it's more chilling in person! The detailing (which I'm a SUCKER for!) in each piece was AMAZING. The hair, the backdrops and back round music ALL AMAZING!

I loved the exhibit but I was a little disappointed at the end because I felt like I was jipped. The first two rooms I walked through I thought it was going to end but as I discovered more I didn't want it to stop and when it did I felt so...so uneasy. But news for me there is another exhibit that's actually related to it at the Brooklyn Museum. =] So I plan on seeing that soon and it seems like it covers all mediums of fashion.

Speaking of fashion in decades Teen Vogue deserves a standing ovation for their August issue!

This was the first time (well first time of me noticing) how in sync and on topic and theme everything was. From the Demi/Joe rock and roll couple photo shoot to the fashion editorial in the back for back to school looks that instantly put a smile on my face.

Now don't get me wrong I'm a fan of all things Teen Vogue. My favorite spreads usually involve the cutesy flower stuff, or the things that are slightly reminiscent to the blogs I follow.


The girly yet spunky flower thing.

This is just gorgeous and has the hue and saturation's that remind me of my favorite blog.

But this issue has made me smile. Maybe because it's the simple fact that I'm a huge fan of the 50's! Don't get me wrong, as I mentioned before I adore the 80's and the early 90's couldn't have been a better decade for me to be birthed into but my personal style is that of the 50's.

Every morning I push, pop and pin my hair. I highly admire and would wear in a heart beat those flouncy dresses that died down from the house wife in the 40's and climbed into a little more flirty fit and cropped "stove pipe" pants and ugh just everything!

Yep so that's me, falling through decades and finding inner happiness and utter bliss! I try to put on outfits to do outfit post but I guess I fail. =[

Good news though! I will be launching my new online clothing store in a couple of days...or weeks. Be excited though, I've been working on this for a long time and it's definitely not something to miss.

Until next time

Ta ta!

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