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-Sorry for the lack of Fashion and Photography in this post but this is just a quick UPDATE.--

Wow I haven't been "busy" with fashion things in so long but Teen Vogue has found a way to make it all worth it again.

I was chosen to be a brand ambassador and I'm super pumped! I can't wait to get started, so look out for updates in that area. ;)

As for my college life, work is starting to pile up so I might be really busy with that soon. If you're wondering what has been going on in terms of my internships and things of that area. I was fortunate enough to snag a one day internship or "career observation" if you must at the High Museum of art here in ATL. The High is like the southern version of the MET. I must admit that was one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had and guess what?

I was invited back in April to help with one of their events! I'm super excited it'll be one of my first grown up socialite events. I think living in New York and going to Teen Vogue events prepared me very well for this. ;)

I'm still looking for my summer internship but my clothing line (my baby) is still in the making. I found a place not to far from my school that makes t-shirts, so I think I'll start with that first.

I'm generally really happy, my freshmen year was a success so far. I adapted really well to an entirely new city (Atlanta,GA), I was able to network and almost catch up with the busy New York City life I left behind. As for my photography I have a meeting with the art department to create my major, since a Photography major isn't offered. But one of my pictures did win best portrait in the photo auction here. (Woot woot) I'm really starting to "come into myself" as a college student and I love every minute of it.

And to believe I'm still just a freshmen.....glad to know things are off to an incredible start, the future only gets brighter.


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