Just ignite the light and let it shine (My Conversation with Anna Sui)

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My summer has been AMAZING so far ,this has really been the best. Courtesy of Teen Vogue, I'll be going to the premiere of Monte Carlo and I'm SO excited! But until then I've just been doing so many things. I can't blog about everything so follow me on twitter if you have one (@AshaKayB).

I'm mainly here to tell you about one of my most amazing experiences thus far. On June 15th I had the pleasure of attending a lecture and meeting Anna Sui and Deborah Nadoolman Landis. Anna Sui is the famed fashion designer who is known for her beautiful, vibrant collections. Deborah Nadoolman Landis is an award winning costume designer who designed the famous red jacket Michael Jackson wore in Thriller and also costume designed for films like Coming to America and many more.

It was amazing. Inspiring really, to hear both women talk about their passion for fashion whether it may be for the runway or for the set, it was just so beautiful.

They spoke about some awesome films which wardrobes inspired them and their collections. Well Anna Sui's collection really, Deborah Landis mainly spoke about the fact that costumes will not have an impact if the movie is not good, which is very true. They mentioned a lot of films and I took notes of the ones who wardrobes I admired the most and that I had not seen. This list includes:
Out of Africa
Wall Street
Pretty Woman (classic)
Mad Men
Women in Love
Factory Girl
Beach Blanket Bingo
Buffalo Bill
Beau Brummell
Dr.Doolittle (the original)
and many more.

It was all just amazing, I learned that costume design is not about the clothes, its about serving the story. It's so interesting to think that like movies our day to day lives are stories and we express and carry these stories with us through the items we choose to wear.

After the lecture I had the pleasure of chatting with Anna Sui about her career, what got her started and what her passion is.
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When I asked her about her passion for fashion, and how she knew that it was what she wanted to do she told me "I wanted to be a designer since I was four....I didn't quite understand what it was then but I knew that its what I wanted to do." She shared the rest of the story of how she got started with me and I felt inspired to tell her my own dreams. I shared with her my strong interest in fashion design and she gave me some great advice. She told me to take a fashion class, find out what type of fashion I really love and to focus on it. Once I'm focused I should take my time to really learn what fashion is and grow in it, look around stores see whats selling and why people like it and once I've figured that out I can really begin. She's so humble and calm, it was truly a pleasure getting to meet her and I hope we see each other again.

Now here is my best friend and I with Deborah Landis. First of all let me say that this woman is such a BEAUTIFUL HEIGHT!
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She's so vibrant and full of personality. She invited my best friend and I to join her conversation about costume design with two girls that stood with her. Every word she said I felt like I really understood in my heart. Although I'm not planning to costume design the words she spoke about it are very true. She told us that a costume designer studies everything about a person and what they wear, from their outfit to their bitten down nails. To excel at their job of understanding a character a costume designer really observes everything about an individual. She said its mainly because costume design isn't about the fashion, its about helping the director sell the story. She spoke about taking a simple story and thinking about how different the costumes would be if the story was given to both Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton. The conversation was so interesting, it really made me think.

Over all it was a great experience and I couldn't stop smiling on the way home. I can't wait to continue doing more really cool fashion related stuff this summer. Hope you all are enjoying yours! (Don't forget to keep up with my daily by following me on twitter @AshaKayB) Toodles :)

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