Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Most days I feel like my conversations only consist of me addressing the following questions above. I have to admit, it does get a little overwhelming sometimes but without those questions this website would not exist. So with out further adieu let me help clarify a lot about myself that seems to get lost in translation over time.

Hi, my name is Asha Boston and I do not want to work in fashion. 

 Did that grab your attention? Good.

Now I won't say that statement is entirely correct. Yes, it's true I do own an online clothing boutique  The Passion Fruit Vineyard (that I'm head over heels in love with), I dress myself well, I'm obsessed with Coco Chanel and I love to get lost in the fashion world from time to time. However my intended purpose is to become a photojournalist. Not a fashion journalist. A photojournalist.

For those of you who"know" me you're probably thinking "well when did that happen?" For those who don't know me, you're probably wondering what's my point. (Especially since my previous post are all fashion related). Well for starters, this blog is not new. It's simply a revamp of my old fashion blog "& I walk around like I own the place" [RIP] Which I successfully ran from 2009-2011. So now is my chance to explain what has changed since then.

It's no secret that I have a very big heart which keeps me connected and concerned with social and global issues. At one point in my life I did want to work in fashion full time but sometimes life takes unexpected turns. I didn't look for photojournalism, photojournalism in a way found me.

The moment? A 2010 trip to Morocco. Here's a diary excerpt of (one of my many) "aha" moments:

"It was the moment I looked out of the window of the jeep that carried me through a rocky terrain and met eyes with pairs that were unfamiliar yet smiled so happily to receive my arrival. In that moment I knew that travel was more than just a pleasure, it was a passion. I was on my way to the Sahara Desert in Morocco with my classmates and the excitement that oozed out of me could only be contained through nervous laughter and constant smiles. I began to pick up my camera and shoot. Something about capturing that still shot reassures me that nothing is impossible and that every place, person and thing has a story. "

We'll maybe I shouldn't completely tie myself down to the title "Photojournalist" because I as well, have yet to understand it in all of it's entirety. And possibly the art of designing clothes does make me some sort of "fashion designer." So for now, let's just refer to me as a "story teller." I tell stories through my photographs, my photo essays, my articles (for Teen Diaries and Her Agenda), my Facebook statues, the videos I edit and even through the skirts that I design. My life, my travels, my experiences are stories that I don't mind sharing with others and this website is where we begin.

 So again, hi my name is Asha and well, hopefully you will find the pleasure in finally meeting me.

(P.S. If you're still lost don't worry, just keep up with this website and I promise I will explain it ALL.)


  1. interesting post, sadly I think I ask you all those far too common questions all the time lol. But this does clarify things.

  2. You are truly living out your dreams, proud of you hun...
    Your friend BillyBob

  3. Asha I am so proud of you! I will most definitely keep you accountable for this site lol! Beautiful Entry, though I think there are so many facets of you (you left out writer) that you can't be contained in one title.

    Patiently waiting for the next post,


  4. I'm ssooooo proud of you little big sis. You are doing an amazing job and I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to strive for greatness. I love you, keep up the good work sis.
    Love Always,
    -Melanie N. ♥