Chronicles of a Brooklyn Girl Episode 2!

[Musées dans Kylemore Kylemore Abbey] 
 Galway, Ireland

Alas, episode two of Chronicles of a Brooklyn Girl (In Ireland) is here! I hope you enjoyed the first episode. In my opinion the series really begins to take off and find it's way, but that's just me.

I'm weary to tell too much because the "story" is really for your viewing pleasure so get ready to enjoy an adventure. The episode is called "Hmm Ireland: What'd you do there?", aren't you anxious to find out?

 Chronicles of A Brooklyn Girl (in Ireland) -Episode 2 from Asha Boston on Vimeo.

Killarney, Ireland 
Galway, Ireland

Also if you're interested in any of the songs that play during the episode please feel free to click the "..." as seen below along the side the description for artist information. 

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