Introducing: Chronicles of a Brooklyn Girl (In Ireland) Web Series

Belfast, Ireland. Jan 2012. 

I've learned a lot about myself through my travels. Whether the lesson is deep within my personal faith or in uncovering a new talent, each trip helps to brings clarity to who I am becoming.

So if I was to tell you that I found a passion for video editing on the back of a bus in Ireland, would that sound completely absurd? Well dear friends, as absurd as it sounds it's true.

In December of 2011 I participated in Agnes Scott College's Global Connections - Literary Ireland trip. Biennially, Agnes Scott faculty lead a group of students on a travel seminar to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to visit literary landscapes and many of the island's most beautiful and distinctive sites.

 Galway, Ireland

Londonderry/Derry, Northern Ireland

 In addition to completing course work prior to our departure I decided to take on a personal project and thus "Chronicles of a Brooklyn Girl" was born. I initially wanted to explore different mediums of photojournalism and create an interactive recap of my journey for my family and friends at home. In addition to taking pictures and writing essays, I decided to record lots of video footage. It wasn't until one day when I was bored on a bus ride that I actually began to build what you see as the opening sequence. Intrigued by what I had begun I instantly went to work. I became obsessed with precision, transitions and reformatting footage to create a learning experience for my viewers.

*Screenshot of the Chronicles of a Brooklyn Girl Vimeo channel:
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Creating the series was a lot of fun. I do my best to really indulge the viewers into an intimate journey of my trip throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. From our exclusive excursion to the Waterford Crystal factory to the busy bustling streets of Dublin on New Years eve, I've captured it all and done my best to package it in the most intriguing way possible.

 Waterford Crystal- Waterford, Ireland

 Dublin, Ireland

Since the creation of this series, my video editing skills have greatly improved. This project took a year in the making and was made intently for the exploration of using and discovering basic video editing programs, skills & techniques. This was not meant to be perfect yet it stands as a solid body of work. Please respect it in that light. 

I'm so excited to finally share this journey with you. Look out for more blog post that include new episodes, more of my photography work in Ireland as well as in depth written essays that help the experience come to life.

Watch the first episode here: 

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