I'm not scared of rejection and here's why...

I made a New Years resolution to be more candid about my rejections. I often share my stories of success but what  a lot of people don’t know is that I don’t always get things I apply for. In most instances I can say that I do feel a little disappointed in myself but lately, I haven’t really been fazed. Every rejection is slowly but surely helping me realize what I’m meant to do and reaffirming who it is that I’m meant to be.

A lot of times I’ll look at an opportunity as a stepping stone to see where I need to be in my career but I realized that not everything that you apply for do you absolutely need (or in that moment at least). The journey towards your purpose is never an easy road. I will say that it’s a lot more narrower of a path than you think but it’s certainly not clear. There will be nay-sayers, thunderstorms and sometimes you might get stuck in the mud however it’s your faith, the determination and love for yourself and your dream that will keep you going in even the most severe conditions.

I’m not ashamed to say that this week, I was not a winner in the way in which I hoped to be. Yet, I’m not discouraged or the least bit afraid. As a college senior my conversations seem to circulate around the question “So, what are you doing after graduation?” I admit, it can be a headache answering when you’ve just been rejected from option 1, 2 and 3 and you’re not even sure yourself, but the best way to survive a conversation about your future is to own it. I may not know exactly where I will end up in the next 4 months, but I know wherever I will be, I will be happy.

I’ve learned that success is not really about the accomplishment but the resilient person you become on the journey to get there. It’s like playing the board game monopoly, it requires some giving, taking and a whole lot of patience but you’ll eventually get to where you need to be and it’ll be so worth it. So if you’ve just been rejected, thinking you might get rejected or are putting on a brave face and taking a chance, never fear you’ll eventually end up where you need to be. As Raven Symon
é once said, “When someone tells you no, that just means you’re talking to the wrong person”, and trust me not everyone has the answers that you need. 

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