Asha's Summer Reading List- Book 1

You can find inspiration anywhere but one of the best places to find it is in a good book! During the next week I will reveal my top 5 "summer reads" for the month of July.

Today, I begin with a book written by Lindsey A. Walker entitled, "Get Your Brand Right."

In just 10 pages, Walker offers thorough and very candid advice to the new entrepreneur on the importance and logistics of branding your business.  Each chapter is a maximum of two pages and accompanied by graphics that offer support to the page filled of compelling advice.

One of my favorite chapters is entitled, Invest In Your Brand and discusses the importance of ensuring that your business is financially supported. Often times when a millennial catches #bossofmybusiness fever they forget the importance of not just making the money but spending the money! Walker takes the time to break down the differences between personally investing, gaining sponsorship and starting  crowd funding campaigns to ensure stability.

Most of her advice may seem second nature however it is imperative to have a book like this at hand (especially if your business doesn't yet have a publicist). 

Although the HR department is the gate keeper and backbone of a company, lest we forget the PR department holds some serious weight! While developing your business why not take advice straight from the bone structure that holds up the face of your brand? Download the book today! 

For information of how to purchase the book and further connect with Lindsey A Walker please visit her website

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