I wonder how many times First Lady, Michelle Obama was asked if she would settle before she met POTUS?

I often wonder how many times First Lady, Michelle Obama was asked if she would settle before she met POTUS? Imagine, twenty something year old Michelle, ivy educated, tall, radiant and absolutely beautiful. 

However I’m sure as most conversations go with twenty something’s after a brief round of questions about schooling, careers and other priorities, she soon found herself leaning in close as someone with a sly smile whispered “So, tell me about the boys.”

There are several thoughts that run through ones mind before addressing the topic. My initial thought is “how did we get here?” coupled with “Why again, am I single?” When it comes to checking off the “marketable” criteria you’ve got all the boxes filled. Yet you’re fumbling to find the one square you’ve missed that solidifies why you're “alone.”

I’m sure the initial outward response is laughter but the most awkward part is realizing the person is unamused and staring at you, waiting for an answer. What am I suppose to say? “Oh the boys? Why yes. Yes I am involved with a young man that I have not told you about because I enjoy torturing you with thoughts of my singleness.”

"Cause back in my day..." why I'm tired of arguing about ageism and Hip-Hop

Nothing grinds my millennial gears more than the discussion of the "current" state of Hip-Hop. To me, the topic has become so taboo that we might as well throw it on the list with religion, politics, the chicken or egg argument and several other things you "shouldn't" discuss at the dinner table.

Generational music debates are inevitable and any chance a person gets to gloat in their generational golden era of music glory, they will. Phrases like "What do you know about this?", "I miss when music was like..." or "Back in my day the music we listened to..." are the most conventional conversation traps. For an art form that is universally timeless, there sure are a lot of people that try to shove an emotional object into a physical time capsule. It's like trying to capture a cloud, it won't work.

It's common for music to start, fuel or arise from movements. We've seen it done several times in the past, however as there is nothing new under the sun. Some songs will speak to struggles virtually three to four (or maybe even more) generations a part. One of my favorite genres of music is Hip-Hop and unfortunately it is a genre that's always under fire for failing to stay true to its roots. Yet, I find this true for almost any and every genre. Components and lyrics may change with faces but it doesn't diminish it in its purest form and in the consumer market.

If "Hip-Hop started out in the heart", then why are we looking for our love in all the wrong places?

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